Original title: An electric drill the size of a pen is a must for DIY people. Where do you want to drill? Foreword In life, we always use a lot of tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, DIY people's tools are countless, but the traditional tools are relatively heavy, and storage is also more troublesome, it is better to try the following portable tools, not only powerful, more convenient to carry, storage, help you easily complete all kinds of repairs in life, DIY production. Electric drill is a kind of thing that is difficult to do without when it is needed. Compared with the traditional heavy impact electric drill, I recently received this WOWSTICK PLAY lithium mini electric drill pen, which is more suitable for simple maintenance and DIY production scenarios. It is compact, portable, safe and efficient, and more convenient to use. Appearance In addition to the body of the electric drill, it is equipped with two charging cables, eight different electric drills and multi-language instructions. It also has a white wavy support storage box, which is convenient for daily storage, and there is no need to worry about finding it. The electric drill pen is equipped with eight precision high-quality high-speed steel drill bits, which can be replaced by you. The thinnest is 0.8mm and the thickest is 2.2mm. It is easy to drill through plastic, wood, shell, circuit board and other materials. Expand the full text The electric drill pen is assembled and can be used normally. The body of the electric drill pen adopts an all-aluminum integrated polishing design, with a matte texture on the surface, which is full of texture and high appearance. With the new and original design of the pen cap, there is no need to worry about the insecurity caused by the exposed tool head. If you don't pull out the cap of the pen, you can't see that it's an electric drill tool at all, more like a beautiful pen. The body of the electric drill pen is printed with the English product name. Type-c charging mode can be used wirelessly at home and outdoors when fully charged, which is convenient and safe. Weighing less than 50g, it is as comfortable as holding a pen in the hand, Borehole Drill Bits , fitting the palm, and the frosted texture also enhances the holding stability. Experience This WOWSTICK PLAY lithium mini electric drill pen is not only beautiful, but also easy to operate, low noise and strong strength. After the electric drill cap is turned on, the electric drill can be turned on by pressing the switch on the pen body. The design of stopping immediately after releasing the hand is safe and reliable, and there is no pressure on the hand. When using the electric drill pen, it is as easy and simple as holding the pen, without the feeling of heavy burden, even if the electric drill is used for a long time, it is not tiring. Even girls can easily pick it up and use it at home to punch holes, string bracelets and so on, which will make you more efficient at work. Although the size is small, but the strength is not weak, the all-metal gearbox, the speed can reach 400r/min, effectively improve the efficiency of mini drilling. It can easily drill through the conventional thickness of sheet, plastic, aluminum, coins, circuit boards and other materials, but it should be noted that it is only applicable to thinner materials, do not drill too thick metal. Diamond Coin: Plastic Wood Usually like to tinker with all kinds of small handicraft works, you can use this electric drill pen to make. In terms of battery life, this electric drill pen has a built-in 280 mAh lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 2 hours after full charge. I used it for about an hour and a half after it was fully charged, and the electric drill pen was still charged. This kind of design without lithium battery greatly expands the use scenario, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, it can be carried with you, which is very convenient. Drill bit replacement is also very simple, do not need to borrow any auxiliary tools, just unscrew the Chuck and then directly remove the drill bit, and then replace the appropriate drill bit. Unscrew each part of the electric drill pen, select an electric drill, and then combine them together. Sum up Friends who like to make handicraft works are blessed to have eight precision high-quality high-speed steel drill bits, which can be replaced by you. They are not only beautiful, but also powerful. With them, drilling is actually very easy. 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