"All right!" Warm also do not want a person in the kitchen to eat steamed buns took a bowl to sit next to Yan Miaomiao Yan Miaomiao bite steamed buns smiling to show millet teeth It is rather sultry here in summer Counting the time it happened to be the hot summer in August Warm took a shower and lay in bed She began to turn over her small rattan box There was no entertainment in the world She wanted to look at her mobile phone for a while She had a power bank in her box which should be able to be used for a period of time but she turned it over everywhere Finally she remembered that she had worn it when she held it in her hand and probably fell into the river Now that she opened the box she tidied up the things in the box Although the box is not big the space is not small In addition to the power bank and line it is her makeup bag which is filled with small bottles of spray paint sunscreen two tubes of lipstick blush foundation and so on All that was left was a pair of underwear x60 line pipe a light one pajamas and two camisoles and a pair of hot pants She looked through them and that's all except the clothes and shoes she was wearing when she came over There was also a small bag that was a jewelry box There are rings pendants and clothes accessories inside but they are all colorful gold platinum and silver products the workmanship is exquisite but this age does not recognize this thing even gold has no place to change Alas all her belongings were worthless She picked up the ring with broken diamonds and wore it on her hand for a while She liked the ring very much before but she couldn't wear it so she had to take it off and throw it aside After locking the box she lay on the bed and sighed In this age one yuan can buy a lot of things

How on earth can she earn 1500 yuan This is the minimum price to buy a house She thought about it for a while but she didn't sleep well last night and soon fell asleep But this time she learned why provoke that devil will only make themselves uncomfortable why make trouble with themselves she always knows the current affairs So I got up at four o'clock the next day just in time to go to the toilet wash my face and go into the kitchen Yan Zeyang really did not get up at four o'clock to exercise because she was tossing about He kept this habit all the time but he used to go directly to the barracks after training and breakfast was also settled in the canteen Only now When he came down at four o'clock he saw the kitchen light on and a slender figure busy in it He paused and glanced at the figure before he went out It was already light at half past four This morning I steamed white rice with a steamer The rice was soaked before I went to bed yesterday and put on the steamer Then I got up in the morning and steamed it directly The steamed rice she made was very delicious because she added a lot of "seasonings" In reality she used the system to extract many kinds of food materials including the oil specially extracted from milk which is very suitable for skin care in autumn and winter a333 grade 6 pipe and is also very moist to make body milk Warm likes this sweet milk flavor natural milk flavor and not greasy and this milk extract can be eaten to make some cakes and so on

It will have a light milk flavor and when extracted it will retain all the fragrance of milk to the greatest extent She likes to add a little milk extract fat in pasta and rice without adding a lot as long as a few spoons you can make fragrant milk steamed bread although the rice flavor is a little light but the steamed rice will be very full and soft glutinous the rice grains seem to have fat on them and with transparent oil it tastes very fragrant Yesterday the logistics sent a piece of beef except for a little steamed buns used last night the rest has been in the cold box This time can also reflect the benefits of Yan Weiguo this level of cadres the basic canteen to purchase fresh good material in the morning will be the first to send to several leaders in the courtyard home and other people either eat canteen or can only buy their own food spend money tickets may not be able to buy good quality Yan's family not only has a special person to deliver food but also can 316l stainless steel pipe change the pattern every day There must be no shortage of meat fruit watermelon and so on The weather in summer is very hot and most people have no appetite to eat Most in need of some appetizing food she took out the beef from the refrigerator cut one of them into cubes accompanied by many seasonings and sauces and made her own best summer appetizer sauce After stir-frying it tastes spicy and delicious and she can't forget it after eating it once

The thick fragrance almost filled the whole kitchen and hall When Yan Zeyang came back he smelled it in the yard and glanced at the kitchen Warm was still busy She first fried the spicy beef sauce but He Wenyan and Miaomiao couldn't eat it so spicy They had to fry a mushroom sauce with a few refreshing dishes In front of the table a large bowl had been placed in which the newly steamed crystal clear rice was still steaming and on top of the snow-white rice two spoons of sauce with beef aroma were poured It smells very delicious Yan Zeyang had never seen this way of eating He picked up his chopsticks and hesitated He mixed the top layer of rice with the beef sauce with strong fragrance He watched the rice grains being dyed red by the delicious and mellow beef sauce It was so delicious Yan moved his throat and finally took a bite of the meal The taste is indescribable Warm this time can not dare to give him a small bowl he wants to take a bag of hazelnuts for her to peel she can not stand so this time x70 line pipe to change a big soup bowl As a result Colonel Yan finished eating without blinking Warm is because I want to eat rice with meat sauce Summer is the best time to eat this Two spoons of this should be poured on white rice She can eat one more bowl of course a small bowl After eating Yan took the empty bowls and chopsticks to the kitchen for the first time Warm came forward to take over eyes looking at him bent into the moon smiling enthusiastic concern "enough to eat ah not enough here" Her gentle tone was different from that of yesterday After Yan's eyes glanced at her he gave a faint "um" Warm "…" He is never submissive to those who are tough and he can listen to good words He just can't fight He eats soft and doesn't eat hard! Chapter 15 Yan Demon ate two bowls in silence lksteelpipe.com