"Dad, second uncle, fourth uncle." Meng Guantao finished greeting, sitting in the position opposite the three elders, Xiao casual posture, there is a king of the wind, not inferior to his father. Luo Dieqi broke away from his hand and sat down on a single sofa. With more or less spectrum in his heart, he couldn't help but want to roll his eyes at Meng Guantao. It's a great honor to arrange such a scene for her to "open her eyes"! Hum! "How are you these days, little Pumpwoman?" Meng Zonghao greeted with a smile. TOEFL, not bad. She also responded with a fake smile. Meng Guantao laughed. "Dad, don't tease her. The little pump woman is also angry." "Well, let's talk about what happened yesterday first, so that we can draw up countermeasures to deal with the possible desperate actions of the Zhang family." It seems that the content involves the power growth and decline of the underworld, so what is she sitting here? Luo Dieqi affirmed that she had been designed, and Meng Guantao just wanted her to be unable to get rid of the Meng family from now on. I'm sorry, I want to go back. I can't be here for your housework. She made a gesture to get up, but Meng Guantao grabbed her instead, let her fall on his leg, and was firmly held by him. No, you're not leaving. This is your plan. How can you just leave when you have participated in it? She chuckled. "Why not?"? The Meng family has always regarded themselves as chivalrous. Why can't they go here? Meng Zonghao intervened in their "flirting": "Guan Tao, you say it quickly, lest the little pump Niang is restless, to marry her into the house is not a matter of a moment and a half,Magnesium Oxide price, there is still time to spend!"! Are you afraid that the Luo family owes us a daughter-in-law, and that she won't take our family name? In a few words, she pointed out the fact that she had to enter the Meng family. The Meng family, as expected, has the capital to be a bandit and an overlord. It can be seen how much Luo Dieqi was appreciated by him. Luo Dieqi struggled to slide down his knee, resigned to sit aside, temporarily do not open their mouths, so that their father and son can not sing together. First of all, let Meng Guantao explain the Fengshen high school incident,Magnesium Oxide price, and then let everyone's attention not on her, otherwise today this tiger's den is not easy to go out. She has to be careful. Meng Guantao smiled at the little girl in his arms and began to describe the process of his design publicity. In fact, this idea must start from last year. Before Meng Guantao was transferred to Zhanfeng High School, it turned out that in Zhang Pai's design, it was intended to use a teacher on duty. He stole the school's examination papers, knocked the teacher unconscious, and framed Meng Guantao. Of course, if you want to frame him, you have to ask him out, knock him out, and drag him to the school as if Meng Guantao stole the exam paper, and then be caught by the righteous Zhang Pai at the right time; in this way, not only can Zhang Pai become the legitimate boss of the school, but also can make Meng Guantao not only get out of the school, but even go to prison for the crime of injury. But Zhang faction is too underestimated the Meng family intelligence network, also underestimated the four king Kong in the school deployment of the power of the dark pile, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,calcium nitrate sol, already know this matter, if according to the view of the four king Kong, is simply beat them half to death, completely annihilated, but, Meng Guantao still feel that the time has not yet come, so turn to exhibition front high school, waiting for the opportunity to watch the school ecological evolution, And the Zhang family's expansion in the central region. Originally he wanted to play again, but Zhang Yang obviously did not have his good patience and frequently sent people to attack him. So he wants to clear the door at one time, so that he can feel at ease to make a girlfriend. On the one hand, after he recognized Luo Dieqi, he suddenly felt that it was no fun to continue playing with the Zhang family; on the other hand, he had no intention of returning to Fengshen, and Fengshen had a new generation rising, so there was no need to continue fighting with the old faction and seize the opportunity to stand out, not to mention that his "prospective" girlfriend had provided a great idea, so he had no reason not to. Now, that ticket people are all finished, even the Zhang family may follow the collapse, this is the end of the old faction of Fengshen High School, all the credit should belong to the extremely smart woman in his arms. And the pursuit of such a woman, is not to be taken lightly, of course, he has to deal with her wholeheartedly. As a matter of fact, Luo Dieqi's plan is not too vicious. What is remarkable is that he followed the stratagem of last year's unsuccessful publicity. The principal and director of Fengshen High School have always been closely related to the interests of the Zhang family. After understanding Luo Dieqi, he decided to make good use of it. The only opportunity was a large charity donation a week ago. The director of Fengshen, who is also the person in charge of a charity organization in central China, recently invited many gentlemen and celebrities to a banquet to raise money for the rescue of mentally retarded children. Later, the amount was counted as 17000000 yuan; Although to help mentally handicapped children, but the money is raised, and the final whereabouts of the money is often unknown, anyway, everyone thinks that the recipient will do good. But later learned that, in fact, otherwise, the money was later divided up, only a small part of the real charity to the orphanages, in order not to make people suspicious, the money temporarily locked in the Fengshen school safe, want to be divided after the matter. On the surface, they announced everywhere that they had been distributed to those in need of help and had done good deeds. They even accepted praise from all walks of life and asked reporters to accompany them to the orphanage to take photos and send red envelopes. That money is the key point of Luo Dieqi's design. She just asked Meng Guantao to find someone to open the safe and move the money to the base camp where Zhang Yang often appeared, that is, the school's sports room. On the one hand, Zhang Yang and a group of people were led into the supplies room; on the other hand, the director, the principal, and others discovered that the money had been stolen, and then found evidence that the thieves were "Zhang faction" people left by the safe, thinking that the Zhang family wanted to eat black and black, so they went to the Zhang family to argue; Then the last aspect is to call the police. What can't be missed is to send someone to follow the headmaster to Zhang's house and record the process of their quarrel so that it can be used as evidence in court in the future. Things are going so well! Because there was not only money in the safe, but also a kilogram of heroin. Now,Magnesium Sulphate producer, all of them were caught! A big scandal broke out. Fengshen High School changed overnight, and the principal of the private school was temporarily taken over by the government. Those who should have been arrested could not escape, and only the head of the Chang family escaped in time. There are only a few people to deal with now. Who dares to believe that this social news that caused a sensation in the whole province was only the planning of a little girl when she was in the mood. stargrace-magnesite.com