"No!" Christopher Irwin tried to defend himself Budirir pulled out a carton of Marlboro cigarettes He took one out of his mouth and handed it to Erwin Want one Erwin took the cigarette Budirir fought with him Irwin's lips quivered That's when you saw him wearing that hat Sheriff Ridmacher asked again Erwin took a sharp puff on his cigarette and hung his head Yes His voice was so small that he could hardly be heard Budirir leaned over his interactive whiteboards in the classroom eyes sharp as if the beast had seen its prey But his voice was still gentle What Chris I said yes I think so I threw him in the river but I didn't want to kill him He looked up with a look of pain and despair Everything changed when he left home at 730 pm the night before to attend the last night of the Delhi Canal Festival with two close friends He couldn't understand the sudden change in his life I didn't kill him! It was the guy under the bridge who did it I don't know who he is "Who is that man" Sheriff Ridmacher didn't take much interest in it

They have heard so much about this kind of thing that no one believes it People accused of murder always come up with a mystery guy A man dressed as a circus clown "Christopher" Erwin shivered "And some balloons" 3 Back at Knife-Edge on July 15 the Canal Festival was a huge success Most residents believe that the festival has greatly improved the people's hearts and image of Delhi Town Of course it also brings a lot of money The week-long Canal Festival commemorates the navigation of the canal that runs through the middle of Derry town It was this canal that brought the timber business to Delhi from 1884 to 1910; it also brought the prosperous years to Delhi From east to west from south to north the whole town is decorated The buildings in the town have been renovated inside and outside The bumpy roads that have not been repaired for more than 10 years are all smooth as before The benches in Bath Park and the wooden barriers on the Happy Bridge across the canal have also been repainted-often with anti-gay slurs The Canal Festival Museum is housed in three storefronts along the street all by Derry Town Librarian Mike Hanlon who is also an amateur historian collated the exhibits The oldest local family also borrowed their priceless treasures for the museum free of charge During the week-long festival more than 40000 interactive flat panel display people were shown restaurant menus from the 1890s loggers' bollards axes and hooks from the 1880s children's toys from the 1920s more than 2000 photographs and nine documentary films reflecting the vicissitudes of Delhi in the past century A huge tent has been set up in a Delhi park where concerts are held every night Bath Park is a carnival scene where a large garden party sponsored by the town hall is being held Every hour a tram goes around the various tourist spots and stops in front of the painful slot machines It was there that Andran won a hat a paper hat that killed him with a flower on it and a ribbon that said "Me" smartboards in classrooms Delhi 4 "I'm tired" John Said Girton Like his two friends he was dressed as a rock star The sleeves of the pale blue T-shirt were frayed revealing strong arms With his dark brown hair hanging at the corners of his eyes he looked more like singer John Kugel He had a blue tattoo on his arm-a mysterious pattern that looked more like a child's work

I don't want to say any more "Just talk about Tuesday afternoon at the amusement park" Paul Khufu said Khufu was tire shocked and depress by this sordid transaction After thinking about it it seemed to him that the Delhi Canal Festival had ended up with an event that everyone knew about but dared not remember in the daily festival list Here's what it would look like Saturday night 900 The final concert featuring the Delhi High School Band and the Melenman a cappella group Saturday at 10pm Big firework display Saturday 1035 pm The Andram Manlen Cult; Canal Festival officially ends ***ing amusement park Girton cursed endlessly What did you say to Maren What did he say to you again "Oh Chris" Girton rolled his eyes

"Say it Girton!" Khufu's colleague urged Girton rolled his eyes and went interactive boards for classrooms on 5 Girton saw Manlon and Haggerty hugging and mincing over giggling like a girl At first he really thought it was two girls but later he recognized it as Manlon He saw Maren turn around and kiss Haggerty lightly Oh my God it's disgusting! Girton shouted in disgust Irwin is with Steve Steve said that Manlon's gay partner was named Tang So-and-so He groped a kid at Delhi High School when he was giving him a ride The three young men Manlon and Hager came over and left the game machine and headed for the exit of the amusement park Girton later told Officers Hooff and Conley that the ***in 'gay hat said "Me" Delhi Those words hurt his pride as a citizen of Delhi There was a huge flower on the tall hat made of paper which trembled and looked silly It hurts his pride as a Delhi man even more "I'm going classroom interactive whiteboard to make you eat that hat" Girton shouted as Manlon and Haggerty walked shoulder to shoulder in front of them You ***ing bastard!

Manlon turned to look at Girton and winked at him Dear If you want something to eat I can find you something much better than a hat Girton was furious and wanted to give the homosexual some color to see see Fuck! No one has dared to challenge him like this He walked over to Manlon Manlon's friend Haggerty was shocked and tried to pull Manlon away but Manlon was still standing there grinning Girton later told the officer that he was sure Manlon was in high spirits All day long at the carnival he was fascinated by two men who had fried noodles with honey He was too happy to realize the danger before him hsdsmartboard.com