"Get out!" The sword pointed to the sky with a burst of drink and the sword gas in his hand flashed and sank into the ADF body The gap between level 10 and full level is irreversible and ADF is instantly killed Garbage also dares to learn to rob the bride! The sword pointed to the sky and looked down at him and the players next to him began to curse Unexpectedly however ADF was resurrected in situ with a flash of silver In Jianghu the dead must go back to the graveyard to revive and it is impossible to revive on the spot so the resurrection of ADF shocked everyone This is either a game BUG or this person is a GM if interactive touch screens education neither is the case then he must have hidden rare props In order to verify this point but also to prevent him from approaching Ye Xing the high players in the whole hall began a storm of killing all kinds of moves emerged one after another swords and swords covered the whole hall airtight Every time ADF stands up he falls down immediately but he refuses to leave all the time Every time he comes back to life he does not return He has only one goal to move forward even if it is a penny ADF's blood dyed the red carpet in the hall more bright red His eyes were tough and his steps were not disorderly Every time he died he immediately stood up stepped forward and then died again got up again and walked again And so on in a reciprocating cycle

Who the hell is this guy Ye Xing looked at his tight lips domineering look familiar feeling floating in the heart the brain gradually appeared a person's shadow but can not be that person she immediately denied her own ideas ADF continued to move forward slowly approaching and in the midst of the bombardment he finally approached Ye Xing The sword points to the sky is very depressed although and Ye Xing marriage is only because of the task but in the eyes of others they are real lovers this situation let him as a man's face where But on the other hand he admired the ADF's patience Not everyone dies Thousands of times in order to get close to a person's consciousness and firmness Admire to admire but his dignity does not allow sympathy a sword of the sword ADF again and again fell in front of him and Ye Xing and again and again to climb up Such a resurrection from the dead makes the sword point to the sky and get mad Ah aren't these two the Ice Assassin and the Night Star Suddenly a voice of surprise came from the chaotic crowd The two names immediately solidified more than half of the attack in the hall All of you here are veterans of the game and a large part of you are veteran players from Love the World and the name of the Ice and Snow Assassin is thunderous Ice and snow Is that you Ye Xing's heart suddenly sped up Yes I am the Ice Assassin ADF's voice was as firm as ice "Don't marry come with me!" He held out his hand to her Ice and snow interactive panels for education President Sister Star! It's really you The current president of King's Landing stared back in disbelief The light of the sword pointing to the sky hit the ADF again No Ye Xing suddenly shot an arrow blocking the sword pointing to the sky President! He opened his mouth eagerly "I'm sorry They are my kings I have no choice" He gritted his teeth and apologized and made a quick choice between the ice and the sword Help the ice and snow snatch the bride! "Brothers the president and Sister Xing are back Come and help rob the bride!"

He shouted back at the door The people of King's Landing heard the roar and were stunned for three seconds before they reacted A one-man bride snatching show has turned into a union melee In the crowd two invisible GMs left quietly PART8 "Wife I not only avenged you but also helped them!" Fang Youan sat in the office with Xiang Xiaorou in his arms with a proud digital interactive whiteboard face and three points of ingratiation "Ice and snow that bastard has been chasing you for a long time in Love the World and this time it's all back" Shenglong Network is the property of the Fang family "Jianghu Youth Tour" is a gift from Fang Youan to Xiang Xiaorou The two have been married for more than a year but they are still missing a baby Then what Xiang Xiaorou was indifferent to his ingratiation Then I'm so good to you why don't you give birth to a baby for me Fang Youan wants to have a child crazily but Xiang Xiaorou is at the peak of her career and doesn't want to have a child

"If you don't give birth you will be an elderly woman!" "Fang felt at ease and pondered over it again" What are you starting to dislike me now Xiang Xiaorou sniggered in her heart but her face was discontented I dare not I dare not! Fang Youan laughed interactive panel board wickedly several times and then pressed Xiang Xiaorou onto the table Lady let's discuss the meaning of life! …… ADF fled to no man's land with Chenguang Luanxing A wedding was ruined Ye Xing was in a panic Is he really the Ice Assassin "I'm sorry Xiao Xing it's been so long!" ADF told her what had happened in the past year It turned out that a year ago Ye Xing's quarrel with his father was heard by Tao Jianghe who came up to borrow soy sauce At that moment Tao Jianghe found that his so-called status and power in the game were nothing in reality and no one would agree with his efforts Without digital touch screen board the game he was nothing Even the girl he likes he can't let go She loved herself for seven years but he couldn't give her anything He tossed and turned for three days and three nights and finally decided to leave the game for himself and for Ye Xing If he can really find his own way then he will come back to find her if he is still doing nothing it is better to let her go to find a better happiness With this in mind he looked around for a job Coinciding with Fang Youan's Shenglong Network in recruiting game planners he sent his resume as a senior online game player The game planning director of Shenglong is none other than Xiang Xiaorou After several interviews Tao Jianghe was officially hired On the day he became a full member he knew that his immediate superior was none other than an old friend in the game Comrade Xiaohua and his food and clothing parents that is the boss were also acquaintances The wretched family had Comrade Xiaohua Fang Youan hsdsmartboard.com