Qiu Man has long been used to others looking at his own eyes, a slight smile: "I'm sorry.". I didn't make an appointment in advance, and I don't know if I interrupted Miss Feith's research. Faith collected himself and shook his head. "No.". I don't know if Miss Qiuman is here this time. Because there are some things to coordinate. I happened to pass by here and saw that the door was not closed, so I took the liberty to come and visit. Qiu Man explained with a smile. Qiu Man has always been somewhat curious about this laboratory, and she can see that Ye Chong and Mu Shang attach great importance to this laboratory. So this time I happened to pass by here, and I couldn't resist my curiosity and came in to have a look. Nothing. My experiment is just over. Feith had recovered from the surprise she had felt when she first met Tyuman. The expression restores indifferently: "Miss Qiuman is interested, welcome at any time." Qiu Man's eyes fell on the bodies of unknown creatures in the transparent storage cabinet, and he replied with interest: "Oh, are these the bodies of those unknown creatures sent from the front?" "Mmm." Faith nodded. "The experiment I just did is related to them." "Did you find anything?" Qiu Man looked at the minced meat without the slightest fear and asked casually. There are a few more strange discoveries. However, further verification is needed. "Strange to find?" Qiu Man raised his head with some curiosity on his face. These organisms belong to the same biological community, and they have many common characteristics. For example, they can evolve. To be exact, as long as the conditions are met, they can complete the evolution in a very short time! This is the shortest evolutionary cycle of advanced life species that I know so far. When it comes to his major,L Methylfolate Factory, Feith's face is full of confidence and eloquence. Evolution? When Qiu Man heard this, his face changed. "What will happen to them after they evolve?" "At present, the main reason is the increase of physical properties of muscle tissue.". If it is an external manifestation, it should be an increase in strength and flexibility, as well as the protective performance of their protective shell. Feith explained in detail. Qiuman's face was somewhat ugly. After thinking for a while, he asked,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, "Under the conditions you just said, they can complete their evolution in a very short time." "Yes, from the experimental point of view." "Then what does this so-called condition mean?"? How long is a very short time? Qiu Man asked anxiously. Although it is not clear why Qiuman behaves like this, Feith is cautious: "So far, I have found two evolutionary incentives for these creatures, one is energy, the other is metal.". As for whether there are other incentives, it is still uncertain. As for the time it takes to evolve, it depends on how much energy it absorbs and how much metal it devours, that is to say, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quillaja Saponin, the more energy and metal it holds, the less time it takes to evolve. However, I haven't found the specific conversion formula between the three. Between the words, Feith had some regrets. Qiu Man's face was no longer calm. He took Faith by the hand and ran out regardless of any deportment. "This discovery is very important. We need to convey it to the front line immediately.." The situation is becoming more and more unfavorable. If you go on like this, you will be finished sooner or later. Thumper watched the whole battlefield with red eyes, and every explosion of the collision light armor cut his heart like a knife! Something must be done, or else. He tried to calm down his confused mind. Unidentified creatures continue to lift off from the soft body, and they have begun to awaken on a large scale. The unidentified creatures in these sarcomas are extremely fragile before they wake up, but once they wake up, it will be a real disaster for the whole San tribe. The scene in front of us seems to be the precursor of this disaster. One after another, unknown creatures burst out of the sarcoma. Careful Thumper found that the speed of unknown creatures flying out of sarcoma was getting faster and faster. His heart sank a little bit, too. If it goes on like this, everyone will be finished! Biting his lips, Sampdoria's eyes were red, watching everything that happened on the court. The advantage of the Sang Clan's collision legion just now has already disappeared, not only that. Their situation has become more difficult. It is not uncommon to see a large number of non-creatures chasing after a collision light armor team in groups, biting and not letting go. Had it not been for the outstanding speed of the collision light armor and the outstanding driving skills of the Sang people, I'm afraid most of them would have been killed or wounded by now. Chase after. In hot pursuit.. Looking at the unknown creature in hot pursuit and the collision light armor in front of him, Thumper suddenly felt enlightened. A bold idea suddenly came to Thumper's mind. The reporters, who had been watching nervously outside the purple mist, could not hold back at this time. So a lot of strange flying machines rushed into the purple fog, but now none of them flew out. Now there is no aircraft in the periphery of the purple fog, which allows them to approach the purple fog unscrupulously. However, every time they think of the scene that happened just now, their hearts tremble. Those unknown creatures are not good at first sight. What if one of them comes out when you get close? They have no confidence in their ability to fight. So even though there is no aircraft nearby, they still dare not approach half a step. But I waited for a long time. There was still no movement in the purple mist. Just as they were hesitating, someone suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, my God, look!" A mixed formation of thousands of weird-looking aircraft and equally weird-looking space ships appeared in the direction of the Death Shatter Belt. The huge fleet brought unparalleled shock to everyone in front of the holographic screen. But when this amazing fleet flew closer and closer, people's initial shock turned into a bit of dumbfounding. In terms of numbers alone, this mixed formation is really amazing. However, whether it is an aircraft or a space ship. They are all mottled in color and look like patches,D BHB Factory, neither fish nor fowl. It would be fine if it was just a flying machine. But in front of us are tens of thousands of aircraft gathered together. What is this? A beggar parade? People who were watching the news live suddenly burst into loud laughter, and many people were laughing so hard that they could not stand up. Suddenly, people's smiles suddenly froze on their faces. pioneer-biotech.com