"A few ID cards!" Yang Zi turned his leg and blocked the way of Chang Yi and others "And you guys" Yang Zi said pointing to several accomplices who were far behind him Chang Yi's heart slightly startled secretly a good eyesight in the time to go out his people have been scattered but did not expect to be still recognized by the police in front of half Yang Zi's hand on the knife at his waist eyes tightly staring at Chang Yi in front of him Yang Zi's companion Xiao Liu reached out to hold the handle of the crossbow at any time can pull the crossbow out to fire the same careful look at them Master Jun! Master Jun! Misunderstanding misunderstanding Chang Wu who had a good face ran far away bowed and bowed with a smiling face and handed Yang Zi a small bag Stop don't move Whatever you have in your hand take it back Don't drag me if you want to die! Yang Zi stared and shouted in a low voice At the beginning Mr Ding said in front of all the policemen that he would give you senior workers twice as many as ordinary workers

If he dared to stretch out his claws he could hide from the first day of junior high school but not from the fifteenth Lei Xing also revealed to them that Inflatable 5k obstacle Mr Ding intended to establish an independent judicial body If he really committed a crime even their boss Lei Xing could not control it Even the independent judicial department had limited management power in Mr Ding's hands Every time he thought of such a terrible department he would jump out at any time They had a little power in their hands Everyone has a strange feeling in their hearts ID card We don't have ID cards Is this all right Chang Wu hurriedly took out his passport like a small book The passport is produced by a printing house and is made of package-grade paper shells However it is a palm-sized book with a total of ten pages which can be reused Each time a page is used it will be crossed out with a red pen to show that the page is useless Yang Zi took the passport and looked at the secret note without any trace Yes it was indeed produced by the printing house Then he opened the page and found that several pages had been ticked off in front of him On the last page there were detailed names caravans and other information and even a description of his height and appearance While looking at the documents while looking at these people and the passport can be on the number Yang Zi nodded returned the passport to them "a few brothers look good ah look like soldiers" Yang Zi asked casually Where where before in the northern army of the Han Dynasty for two years but later Ha ha the quartermaster is not a thing so our brothers can't stand it He killed the quartermaster and escaped But he didn't have the ability to make a living except for his strength so he entered the caravan as a guard He made a living Chang Wu bowed and said I don't care what you used to do or where you came from If you enter Fuyun Town you have to abide by the rules here If you break the rules I'll get even with you Yang Zi said strongly Although Ding Junhuo repeatedly stressed that the police is a service department the people pay money to pay food we have to protect their safety to serve them and Fuyun Town is relying on business to make a fortune Jumping castle with slide and the police as a window to the outside world we must pay attention to the image But also at different times in front of these people let Yang Zi feel very uncomfortable naturally more tough even faintly hostile Chang Wu did not care just a strong nod until a few policemen sent away is a long breath The police in Fuyun Town are really difficult to deal with! Chang Yi sighed Boss you can be satisfied Chang Wu said with a wry smile "Our yamen is even more bullying outsiders If we encounter such a situation we won't let them go if we don't have a black spot of silver It's the police in Fuyun Town who don't accept the money they put into their hands Hey it's really different Mr Ding has two skills" Chang Wu said with a smile Hum pretend to be an uncle with us he is a fart!

Chang San glared at the direction of the policeman and spat with a sound Just as he was about to leave he found an old man with a gloomy face standing in front of him Didn't the shopkeeper tell you the rules here when you came in The old man asked in a deep voice Inflatable water obstacle course You Chang San wanted to get angry but was pulled by Chang Yi Laozhang this is our first time in here I don't quite understand Chang Yi said hurriedly

"Don't understand" At the exit of the big inn there is a public sign illiterate and pictures In Fuyun Town it is strictly forbidden to litter everywhere Look in such a clean place you spit such a mouthful of yellow phlegm What does it look like The old man shouted As soon as the old man said this Chang Yi remembered that there were indeed several big signs at the exit with words and pictures on them but they came to rescue Chang Si where did they get the time to look at that thing What are you old man taking care of us The police didn't make a sound What are you The hot-tempered Chang San was angry when he saw the old man lecturing them as if he were scolding his own children He pointed at the old man and shouted See clearly I am the city health administrator appointed by the government department I have the right to manage any unhygienic behavior in the city and make corrections and punishments My number is 0021 If you are not convinced you can go to the complaint office outside the government Inflatable water park factory department to complain about me

The old man pointed to a small bamboo card hanging on his chest with a straight face 127 Probe Sure enough the small bamboo card is clearly engraved with the city health administrator of Fuyun Town the number of 0021 below and the words of the government office behind it Alas Changyi couldn't help sighing this is what ah just just into the city by the police to check on a pass even if now was caught by an old man in the past they as a general QinBing go where is not across the arm when by this gas Chang Yi persuaded himself in the bottom of his heart He glared at Chang San mercilessly and said with a smiling face "I'm really sorry Laozhang My brother has a bad temper and his lungs are not good He coughs" I don't care Did you see those bobbins Those are the dustbins If you want to cough up phlegm and throw some useless things throw them into those tubes "The old man pointed to a big tube marked with words every few feet on the side of the street" Yes yes yes! He often nodded his head one by one joyshineinflatables.com