She did not remember his name, nor did she know why he had passed the examination. I remember that for the sake of Liu Yunshan, Zhuangyuanlang refused the pursuit of the long princess and married an ordinary wife, and finally became the prime minister. After he won the first prize, he went to Yuzhou to serve. Because he was too bookish and only an armchair strategist, he was severely beaten by reality before he put down his pride and transformed into a practical official. Later, he was entrusted with an important task by the prince and rose rapidly. The original owner had always hoped that his younger brother could gain fame and get back the family property taken away by his uncle. But she didn't know that her brother had become an apprentice. There is no age limit for the imperial examination in this world. If she can find a good master, she may be able to realize her wish. Zhuangyuanlang's knowledge is very good, and he will rise rapidly in the future. He was born ordinary and was the most accessible person. Grass people Gu Mengping. Gu Mengping looked cold. Just now Shaoning suggested that I test you. I do have a question to test. Listen carefully. Su Wan raised her chin slightly and said slowly, "If you become an official, will you be loyal to the emperor or to the Northern Liang?" "Loyalty to the king." Gu Mengping's voice was cold. Are you loyal to the fatuous king? Su Wan chuckled. "Isn't that right and wrong?" The hall was quiet for a moment. The pride on Gu Mengping's face scattered a little, hesitating to speak out, "then choose another wise king." "If there is no wise king." Su Wan asked again. Gu Mengping probably did not think of these, handsome face floating obvious dark red. Zhao Heng's eyes fell on the face of the female emperor, and the corners of his lips tightened unconsciously. He heard the minister of the Ministry of Rites mention this man. He is good at learning, but he is too proud. He needs to be honed to become a useful person. You should be loyal to your duties and loyal to the Northern Liang Dynasty, not the king. As a parent official, you should consider how to feed and clothe the people, not whether the king is wise or not. Su Wan's voice was heavy. "That's all." Such a proud beauty, you have to rub his spirit. The hall was so quiet that no sound could be heard. Gu Mengping blushed as if he were about to bleed. He lowered his head and dared not look at Su Wan again. Li Ting, Mr. Gu will live in Linhe Hall later and teach him well. Su Wan finished, reached out and grabbed Xiao Yunjing's wrist,Glucono Delta Lactone, pulled him to the main seat, "teach me to play the piano." The rest will be chosen later, and the champion Lang will be put on Xie Liting's side first, for the sake of fairness. Zhao Heng secretly grinds his teeth and lifts his heels. The female emperor mentioned loyalty to the emperor or loyalty to the country, which is the same as what the sixth emperor's uncle said in those years. The sixth emperor's uncle was guarding the rivers and mountains of the Northern Liang, not the throne of his father. I will obey the decree. Xie Liting looked at Gu Mengping and took Cheng Shaoning to his position. Does Your Majesty really want to learn to play the lute? Xiao Yunjing smiled a little more on his face, "here?" "Of course." Su Wan laughed and raised her eyebrows. "No?" "There is nothing wrong with it." Xiao Yunjing smiled shallowly. Su Wan found that he was really calm, smiling as if he had learned it specially, unlike Xie Liting, who had a lot of small expressions. Returning to the main seat and sitting down, the students in the hall also scattered to both sides to watch the singing and dancing. The little eunuch put down Xiao Yunjing's harp and quietly stepped aside. Zhao Heng sat beside the female emperor, quietly paying attention to Xiao Yunjing's movements, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, thinking that if he dared to touch the female emperor, he would chop off his hand. Put your hands like this. Xiao Yunjing made a serious demonstration. Su Wan slanted her head to look at him with a smile on her lips. Xiao Yunjing demonstrated and explained the structure of Guqin and the fingering of playing. Deep and gentle voice, there is a faint sense of alienation, as if he is only teaching students, there is no other purpose. Su Wan heard a mess in her head and could not help whispering, "This piano is too difficult to learn." Just a few strings, Xiao Yunjing played well, and it was estimated that she really started playing cotton. Just try it a few more times. Xiao Yunjing smiled and instead of comforting her, he continued to say, "It's easy to master the skills and memorize the music score." Su Wan nodded his head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sun Laifu coming over with the whisk in his arms. He realized that he might have something to do again. He took advantage of the situation and found a way out for himself. "I won't learn. I'll listen to you play for me in the future." "I will listen to your majesty's arrangement." Xiao Yunjing accepted the harp without any disappointment on his face. Your Majesty, all the officials have arrived at the Wende Palace. Your Majesty, please go there immediately. Sun Laifu lowered his voice. "The Grand Master was ill and did not appear." Su Wan looked at him in surprise. "Is the Grand Master ill?" She didn't want to see someone dead in her dream, and she felt a little hairy. This time, however, the courtiers did not directly break into the Changyin Palace, which proved that her prestige in the dream was getting higher and higher, and that she was no longer a puppet that Prime Minister Han and Xu Taishi had ignored. Said he was infected with a cold. Sun Laifu's head drooped even lower. "I heard that the officials went to the palace for the drought in Jing'an." Su Wan is thoughtful. Drought in Jing'an? She remembered the plot related to He Qingchen. In the original novel, the drought in Jing'an led to a sudden mountain fire, and the whole county town of Jing'an was engulfed by the fire. The prince almost lost his qualification to supervise the country because of this. The mountain fire was made by the people of Prime Minister Han, and the time was shortly after the fall of a surname. All this arrangement actually began after the fall of the grand master, in order to take advantage of the prince to arrange his own hands, to kill him by surprise. You go and ask Prime Minister Han to see me in the imperial study. Su Wan said softly, "in front of all the courtiers, please ask him to come alone. Go." She only remembered the plot, but forgot how the prince dealt with it. But it doesn't matter, in the dream she is the emperor, must be a good pit Han prime minister. The author has something to say: Zhao Heng: Since he is not as good-looking as me, why keep it. Su Wan: If you eat too many delicacies, you should always try congee and side dishes. Zhao Heng:.. Chapter 74 When Sun Laifu wanted to leave, Su Wan stopped him again and asked, "Has Lin Shangshu come yet?" Xu Taishi said he was ill and could not go to court, so Lin Shangshu should not be absent. In reality, a grand master fell, and Lin Shangshu was not affected at all on the surface, but not necessarily in private. Military power is more important to the crown prince than the imperial seal. Lord Lin is here. Sun Laifu answered in a low voice. After you invite Prime Minister Han to the imperial study, Lin Shangshu will be called away in front of the officials,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, saying that he will also go to the imperial study. When he comes out, he will take him to the Changyin Palace. After two quarters of an hour, he will take him to the royal study. Don't go too fast and slow down. Su Wan explained again.