All the way I thought what on earth is going on Unexpectedly a good angry thunder was directly given to us to *** the British I want to say nothing else but beware of the Englishman as well as Crixus before we become eight friends anyway Better be on the defensive If they have evil intentions we can have a precaution Alas Doom doom Xiaodong looked at me and then looked at Clay's official signature beefcake four dishes one lying down and uploading "By the way" he asked "why did you make enemies with those guys of the Shadow Demon" Crixus sighed and said It's a long story When the game was just opened there was a dispute because of an OSS I was also a shadow demon but when I hit the baby they took it away I wanted to get it back and it was the person who took the lead just now Take the others to hang up on me several times So I took my brother and left them And every time I see them in the future I will not hesitate to rush up and seek revenge with the sharp blade in my hand "Oh" So what Inflatable indoor park happened to you is the same as the blue light I looked at the blue light and this guy actually pretended to take Yu Haijiao's little hand as if nothing had happened Looks like that guy is the British version of chasing the wind at night Soon after we walked into a swamp This swamp gives people a very bad feeling Dead and lifeless And the smell of this swamp is so bad that

I don't know if someone will come here in the middle of the night and take off his pants "Brother Flying Star" "Well" "Did you fart" "Shit" You just gave up And you farted with your pants down We were surprised at what time these two guys were still in the mood to play They were really crazy That's crazy Just as we reached the depths of the swamp we felt something was wrong There was a slight movement around us and then it was quiet again And it was strangely quiet but the swamp was gradually bubbling with stench At that moment the mud pool suddenly burst open and the smelly mud splashed all over us and we were surprised by the monsters that appeared one after another which were obviously the kind of beasts in the West Stink Two-Headed Snake Level 58 Reputation Enchanted (Elite) Attack 568 ~ 582 Defense 324Hp 53ooomp 15oo Mobility Fast Attack Extremely Fast Skill Stinky Corrosion Introduce Be driven out of the snake demon of demon bound by demon king place and live in corrode swamp Boy an elite monster Before Crixus had time to make a move he saw Xiaodong and the madman go up quickly The cold light flashed and left two deep blood stains on the body of the smelly snake and the green blood flowed out in this second This place stinks to high heaven but now it's good inflatable amusement park and the smell of blood is even stronger It gives people the feeling of fainting but fortunately there is only one snake The two top assassins kept playing a series of flying while Crixus and others were full of praise Unexpectedly Chinese players have such a strong assassin After about five minutes of fighting the stinking snake was finally taken care of by Xiaodong and the madman And the coins that burst out were also surprising Unexpectedly the snake burst out as many as 95 silver coins

And the experience is also considerable reaching 65oo points It's really a good baby to practice But the main thing is that there are too few monsters and we just want to go back to our own country now Through this swamp I saw a magnificent main city not far ahead It must be the main city of England (Dream Flying City) Wow Is this the main city of England It's beautiful! "Cough" Now is not the time to enjoy the scenery Just about to enter the west gate of the main city of England the bodyguard stopped us with a big knife in an instant Adventurers please Inflatable outdoor park register When I heard this sentence I almost fainted I was shocked TmD played a game and had to register I didn't come to your England willingly It was a flash of thunder that struck us and Britain came That's amazing Shit I have no choice but to register in order to go home After checking in a group of people walked through the gate and the figures shuttling through the main city of England really surprised the British people

Unexpectedly the game has only been open for a few months and Chinese players have come to Britain It would be strange if they were not shocked After about twenty turns he finally came to the front of a transport array There was a faint light of light blue from the teleportation stone It gives people a feeling of wanting to go home After all no matter how bad China is no matter how mean it is it is also my territory It is much better than a narrow escape from death in Britain And the currency is different here Forget it It's going to be sent back soon Why do you care about it I can finally go home "Crixus thank you" "You're welcome If you hadn't helped us fight off those bastards from the Shadow Demon E Clan we would have dropped the level again" "Welcome to China if you have a chance" Crixus answered and then he and his brothers stepped back And our party quickly stood on the six-pointed star of the transport array There was a flash of blue light followed by a system alert and we were completely devastated Ding ~ System "The Untraceable Team of Hesitation Sword was reversed in time and space by an unexpected thunderbolt and teleported to the UK area so it could not be inflatable bounce house with slide teleported back to China within a month" When we all heard the system prompt we all stood there motionless The sound of the head was shattered like a bolt from the blue I thought I could go back to my own country but What is the concept at this time A month At that time I don't know how my soul will be destroyed by a group of people chasing the wind in the night "Why did the TmD garbage system come out with an unexpected thunder" "Yes I can't go back to China for a month" What do we do this month Then Crixus came over and said "What are you going to do" You can't go back now anyway It's also a good opportunity to exercise you 。