"Where are we going sister" Asked Lan Bai "After the boat reaches the shore" said Yucui "we'll set fire to the boat and burn it to the factory Then we'll divide the money and you can go back to your hometown" "Where is the elder sister" Asked Lan Bai "I don't have a fixed place yet" said Yucui "but I'll slowly find an ideal place to live" Lan Bai answered "Sister can't we really live together any more" "Sister Lan" said Yucui "at least we'll be separated for two or three years If Yulan and Shuangshu don't break up people in Jianghu won't let us go" "Will they be relieved if we separate" Asked Lan Bai Besides after the separation the strength has been greatly weakened and if we encounter something again we will have to deal with it and the strength will be greatly reduced Yucui smiled and said "Sister Lan when we walk together we will remind people of Yulan Shuangshu because Yulan Shuangshu is actually two people Once we walk alone even if we are seen we will not think of Yulan shuangshu" After a pause in his voice he said "Of course I have some other arrangements to make them feel that Yulan Shuangshu has died" "The elder sister already has a plan" said Lan Bai Yucui nodded and x56 line pipe said "Yes!"! So we have to be apart for three years "Why does it have to be three years" Asked Lan Bai "Because" said Yucui "according to the general habits of Jianghu after the accident of Yulan Shuangshu it is bound to be a sensational event in Jianghu in a year or two There are bound to be eventful people who will try to find our traces In three years this matter will fade away

At that time I will come to you Mouth Mouth The next day on the surface of Taihu Lake there was a burned boat and two corpses Judging from their clothes and figures they were the mysterious female killer Yulan Shuangshu who was famous in Jianghu Unfortunately the two men died so tragically that their faces could not be recognized As a result the killing of Yulan Shuangshu immediately spread all over Jianghu The flag of Yulan Shuangshu was left on the burned boat Mouth Mouth Ye Changqing was taken to the boat by General Manager Zhou In the cabin there was already a middle-aged man in his forties This person is very thin if you remove the bones of the body I am afraid you can not peel out five catties of meat But General Manager Zhou respected him very much He put down Ding Ye Changqing first bowed down and said "Old Xia" The thin middle-aged man coughed lightly and said "Is Ye Changqing still alive" General Manager Zhou said "I'm alive but I've only been hit by an acupoint Maybe I've added a cup of five-day drunkenness from two girls" The thin middle-aged man smiled and said "Two girls do you believe we will kill him" General Manager Zhou said with a smile "They have stopped me again and again" The lean man nodded and said "That's good Bring him into the bottom cabin and tie him up with an oiled beef tendon" General Manager Zhou said "Old Xia this man is very impatient If he wakes up and finds that he has no way to escape uns s32750 sheet he will probably cut himself off and die" The thin man smiled and said "Don't worry A man like Ye Changqing is not afraid of death but he is very curious He wants to understand everything" Even if he wakes up the strong curiosity in his heart will surely find a way to save his life "My opinion Mr Xia" said General Manager Zhou "After being tied up with ox tendons untie his acupoints and let him wake up earlier" said the thin man "I'll do it now" said General Manager Zhou "Oh!" Said the thin man!

And a pair of special handcuffs for him Ye Changqing really woke up but he found that he not only had a pair of strong handcuffs on his hands but also his whole body was bound by strong beef tendons He tried his luck in secret but fortunately his martial arts were still there After a bit of luck he found that the bound tendons were very strong and the handcuffs in his hands were made of refined steel that was not easy to break free The rich experience in Jianghu made him stop at once He already knew that without the support of external forces it would be very difficult for him to get out of trouble This is a very dark place so dark that you can't see your fingers But Ye Changqing still quickly recognized that his situation was in the bottom cabin of a ship Suddenly a light came

It was a Kongming lantern coming through a hole in one of the decks The room was bright but it was of no help to Ye Changqing The light shone on his eyes and he still could not see anything else A famous swordsman has to go through many life-and-death struggles which has become a kind of calm without panic So he just sat quietly not panicking not asking questions A sneer came over "Ye Changqing you are very calm!" Ye Changqing heaved a sigh and said "Who 321 stainless steel sheet are you" The accent is very strange We haven't met in the past have we The voice answered "My surname is Xia the summer of spring summer autumn and winter" "It's Mr Xia" said Ye Changqing "What's your name" Mr Xia laughed and said "I tell you it doesn't matter because we may be friends after that" "Oh!" Said Ye Changqing "If we can't be friends" said Mr Xia "then we'll be different people and ghosts Yin and Yang are different No one can help you with this It's up to you to decide" He coughed heavily and said "My name is Xia Sha"

Ye Changqing is calm on the surface but in fact But secretly remember the voice in my mind He could not see the appearance of the summer killing only to remember his voice Xia Sha's voice came to his ears again and he said "Ye Changqing have you thought it over" "I don't know yet how we can become friends" said Ye Changqing "It's easy to be friends but it's also very difficult" said Xia Sha "The reason for the difficulty is that people like you Ye Laodi who become famous when they are young are inevitably angry and not very easy to accept orders from others" Ye Changqing said "If a person orders a person he can't be regarded as a friend" Xia Sha smiled and said "But it's not me who commands you so we're still friends" "Does Brother Xia mean that you and I are of the same rank" Asked Ye Changqing 。 lksteelpipe.com