He saw two mastiffs resting on the floor He called Hongzai loudly but Hongzai did not respond In this way he floated out of the room into the air into Liu Yi came to an unknown world to be exact the world is a room a very big room Seeing the layout of the room Liu Yi felt that he had come to the kind of large spaceship room that only appeared in movies Someone was in the room Liu Yi hid in a dark corner of the room and watched carefully No not a person Liu Yi was surprised how anyone could appear here but as he observed he found that those people were not human because their eyes were glowing red although the depth of the red light was different Vaguely Liu Yi heard what those people said Liu Yi can fully understand Sir now the evolution of human beings on Earth has been completed and the virus is 100% infected! Apart from conventional weapons all other weapons of mass destruction have been destroyed and satellites have been shielded except for communication purposes "Well very well 65 inch smart board done Earth people are used to relying on external forces which is conducive to their own evolution" What is the status of companions in our region "Sir a total of 700 parasites have been released in our jurisdiction and all of them have successfully entered the companion body So far 72 companion bodies have died and 628 companion bodies" "Well I see The inspectors will stay and all the others will return to the temporary base on the moon" "Yes sir!" Soon only the so-called officer and of course Liu Yi were left in the room Eh!

A surprise came from the officer's mouth at the same time two golden five-pointed stars appeared on his forehead and the red eyes instantly sent out a ray of light directly to where Liu Yi was Liu Yi exclaimed then felt a flower in his eyes flying quickly instantly across the space through the roof back to the body In the previous room the officer had a slight smile on his face the red light in his eyes had converged and the five-pointed star on his forehead had gradually faded away Unexpectedly someone in the companion body has a conscious space which is really strange! The officer said then shook his head "I hope we do all this is right and I hope the earth people can survive it!" No matter how the officer Liu Yi's consciousness returned to the noumenon and the descendants woke up "Suddenly!" Liu Yi who was still sitting on the ground suddenly stood up This sudden action frightened the two mastiffs next to him The two dogs bared their teeth and then closed their eyes again Hong Zai did you see it just now Recalling the previous scene Liu Yi hurriedly asked Hong Zai See what I've been reading a book Hong Zai answered lazily "Uh!" Liu Yi was stunned and said to himself touch screen board classroom "Could it be that the scene just now was just a dream But that dream was too lifelike!"! And the look in the officer's eyes What about the stars on his forehead With a mind full of questions Liu Yi could not solve it and finally calmed down and practiced his mental strength again In his mind he could only think of everything before as a dream otherwise there was really no way to explain it The next day the rays of the sun shone into the room through the window Although it was already the end of November when the sun shone on Liu Yi it still made him feel comfortable Because of the evolution of the virus the constitution is constantly getting stronger and now the weather outside does not have a particularly big impact on Liu Yi Snow wind elves let's go! A night of spiritual practice let Liu Yi spirit this time did not enter that state but also let him determine what he saw yesterday should be a "dream" a very real dream Xuefeng Spirit is Liu Yi's name for the two mastiffs 65 inch touch screen The origin of the name was found on the Internet when he raised the dog and it was just used at this time Snow wind elves is indeed a male and a female exactly a pair the age is about 6-8 months After treating the wound yesterday Liu Yi helped him clean it After cleaning the hair of the two dogs was snow-white which was very beautiful

As Liu Yi got up to greet the two mastiffs were also in high spirits and stood up one after another One person and two dogs left the room and set out on the journey of experience The urban area of Yinchuan is divided into Xingqing District (old city) Xingqing District (new city) and Xixia District (new urban area) With the construction of Yinchuan the whole urban area has evolved from the previous horizontal development to the vertical development The original long strip urban area has now become bloated Liu Yi after consideration decided to temporarily walk along the suburbs so that on the one hand will not encounter a touch screen whiteboard large number of zombies on the other hand can also meet survivors convenient rescue after all he is now a person According to Hong Zai's reminder he also decided to act during the day and rest at night because zombies are less active during the day than at night The suburbs of Yinchuan are mostly farmland or some construction sites Liu Yi walked between the fields with the Snow Wind Spirit Near noon he came to a village The scale of the village is not large and it is about 1000 households from a distance Two little guys it looks like they have a job to do!

Liu Yi teased and quickened his pace In the morning one of them and two dogs did not meet a living thing Liu Yi estimates that because it is close to the city most of the zombies go to the city to look for food after all there is the most "food" With the acceleration of speed the village is getting closer and closer When approaching the village entrance Liu Yicai slowed down his pace and began to sneak with the help of some buildings There were large burning marks at the entrance of the village like signs of a large area of fire This village is a little weird Why is it so quiet Liu smart board touch screen Yi crouched behind a low brick wall and poked his head out to check But after looking at it for a long time I didn't find anything Soon Liu Yi climbed up the low wall and reached the roof of a house with the help of the wall This time most of the village was naked in his eyes The village is really small with a four-lane asphalt road in the middle connecting the road they came by and then several narrower two-lane roads across the main road all the houses lined up neatly on both sides of the road hsdsmartboard.com