Fei Rui cut his wrist, and drops of mellow blood flowed out and dripped on the fire dragon. It makes the body of the fire dragon shallow. Ning Shu didn't care either, pinching the formula with both hands. "Kill me," Mina cried sadly to Ferrie. "I'm in pain. I don't want you to save me. Kill me." Mina didn't want to fall into the hands of Ning Shu. Fei Rui saw Ning Shu's fingers flying and keenly felt that he would be in danger. But what about Mina? What to do. Mina kept pleading with Ferrie, who raised her hand, and an annihilating ray shot through the ring. Out 。 The light was directed at Mina. Ning Shu saw this scene, almost failed, since it is directed at Mina, she did not need roses. And Mina also has a look of shock, surprise, pain and despair. Even if she said to let Fei Rui kill her, do not want to fall into the hands of the blood hunter, will be tortured to death by the blood hunter. But it's also for Ferrie to save her. Save her. Mina was hit by the annihilation ray. Medium , turned into nothingness in an instant. Chapter 1402 Vampire 34.  () Ning Shu is how did not think of, X And it's that kind of body that dies with the soul. This is to love you, you have to meet all your demands, including killing you? exome?!! Doesn't Frey know that Mina's soul has been destroyed? That is to say, there is no chance of reincarnation. Ning Shu did not know what the light from the ruby ring was, which could annihilate the human soul. Disappear completely. Mina didn't leave any dust behind, so she disappeared. Ning Shu looked at Fei Rui in a daze, tut. I thought Ferrie would save Mina,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, but I didn't expect to kill Mina. Ning Shu is really convinced. Is Ferrie the real Hermine? Or is it because Ferrie has doubts about Mina in her heart? Could it be that the trick she used last time to sow dissension worked. Look, if you don't have the strength, you can't defeat the enemy, and you may even fall on a close person. Ferrie grimaced and then tried to run away. I said you have to stay here today. Ning Shu made a huge spell, and the huge spell hit Fei Rui. Fei Rui's body became much weaker and looked at Ning Shu with blood in his eyes. "Do you want to fight with the blood clan completely?" Ning Shu spread out his hands and said, "Who is it? Who is the one who breaks into the blood hunt again and again?" "Is it really such a good thing to be at a disadvantage and threaten me with the blood clan?" Ning Shu used an amulet to immobilize Fei Rui. Then, with a silver sword in his hand, he stabbed him in the heart. At the same time, three fire dragons crashed into him at the same time and passed through his body. The three dragons repeatedly passed through his body, and Ning Shu took the silver sword and stabbed him in the heart. And pierced the body of Pharrell. Fei Rui roared loudly and stretched out his sharp claws to pierce Ning Shu's body. Ning Shu drew the amulet, fixed Fei Rui, Kamado bbq grill ,Alumina Ceramic C795, stained with his own blood, and drew a spell on Fei Rui's forehead. Fei Rui grabbed Ning Shu's wrist, and the amulet failed. Fei Rui stretched out his sharp teeth to bite Ning Shu. Ning Shu has no scruples. If you have the ability, you can absorb it. Her blood is full of the power of fire and Yang. You can suck it if you have the ability. Ning Shu slapped Fei Rui's forehead heavily and slapped the spell into Fei Rui's head. Fei froze for a moment, Ning Shu pulled out the silver sword from his heart, cut it heavily on Fei Rui's neck, and cut off Fei Rui's head. Ning Shu released all the energy in the Dantian, and the fierce power of fire and Yang burned Fei Rui's body. Ferrie's body is filled with a lot of third-generation vampire blood. It burns for a long time and can't evaporate. Ning Shu caught the ruby ring and put it away. This thing is hers now. Pack up. Ning Shu said to the blood hunter, and then watched the body of Fei Rui, waiting for the blood in Fei Rui's body to evaporate completely. Afraid of a drop of blood rebirth, a drop of blood can be reborn. Ning Shu is really afraid to do it again, afraid that Fei Rui is alive again. Ning Shu sat on the ground, studying the ruby ring, the ruby is very big, the color is not bright red, is that kind of dark red, more like the color of blood coagulation. Shoot in here.. What is the light coming out? 。“ Ah, I know what this is. The voice of 2333 suddenly sounded in Ning Shu's mind. Ning Shu looked at the ring and asked, "What is it?" "The stone in this ring is supposed to be a time law stone, and this light is a terrible time attack." "The law of time is the most terrible rule, no one can stop the passage of time, no matter how powerful people, how brilliant deeds, will disappear in the long river of time." "This kind of light attack will make people experience tens of thousands of years in an instant, hundreds of thousands of years, people will disappear, nothing is worth time." Ning Shu was so frightened that he almost threw the ring away. Just imagine, how can a person, a table exist for tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years. Whatever is hit by a ray is annihilated by time. And this red rose? Ning Shu asked. 2333 said: "There are always some exceptions. This red rose should not be attacked by time." Ning Shu took off the red rose on his ear and smelled it. Could it be bright red all the time. Either way, it's good stuff. Ning Shu said to 2333, "Put these two things away." You can't return empty-handed when you enter Baoshan. You should put away all the good things. Ning Shu moved his body and saw that the power of fire and Yang was still burning the body of Fei Rui. The third generation of vampires is really powerful, but such a powerful existence, was actually sucked blood by Fei Rui, too unscientific. Is this the main character's aura,ceramic bobbin heater, and now that she's defeated Ferrie, does that mean she's more powerful than the third generation of vampires? Ahahahaha.. Ning Shu coughed with laughter and hammered his heart, waiting for Fei Rui to turn to ashes. Vampire blood can make mortals immortal. Powerful vampire blood can make the weak vampire strong and purify the blood in the body. global-ceramics.com