Looked at him cold "hum" very casual way "That is your wife's own uncle with your father-in-law is a milk compatriot After dropping the words he stepped into the room Lu Changdong stood where he was eager to find a crack in the ground Is that girl a peasant girl How could You're so accurate! …… Inside the house Liang Guifang nestled in Liang An's arms and kept crying Feng stood aside to wipe tears although Liang Guilan did not cry but the fear in the eyes let people look at very pity Qi Miao walked up to her patted her on the shoulder then came to Liang An looked at the man in his arms and said Sister what do you think And divorce Boom After saying this not only Liang Guifang but all the people in the room plus Lu Changdong who had just come in were all confused No one thought that the word "He Li" would come out of Qi Miao's mouth Of course no one ever wanted to divorce In this Dynasty once a man and a woman got married it was a lifetime thing and no one could leave anyone Divorcing smart interactive whiteboard one's wife is a rare thing Not to mention divorce Liang Guifang knew very well in her heart that it was impossible for her and Li to return to the Liang family Not to mention others even her parents can't tolerate her She is not Qi Miao after all and she is not so good for her parents Lu Changdong walked quickly into the room and said with a repentant look on his face "Fang I didn't mean to hit you"

I I I promise I won't hit you again really When Liang Guifang heard this he did not speak But apparently she didn't believe the man in front of her Qi Miao looks cold "hum" one disdainful way "The dog cannot change to eat excrement I'm afraid you've said that many times "I" Lu Changdong was suddenly very afraid of this sister-in-law especially afraid Liang An ignored his nephew and son-in-law He held his niece up and sat up straight He sighed heavily and said "Fang why did he beat you Tell the third uncle" "He" "Fang I'm sure I'll treat you well in the future Don't be angry" Lu Changdong hurriedly interrupted Liang Guifang's words and made a promise again Liang Guifang gave him a resentful white look looked at Liang An biting his lower lip and said "Uncle I'm going out to do New Year's shopping today" When I bought meat because I bought too much I was given an extra piece of lean meat just a little bit bigger He suspected that I got the meat because I was laughing with others The more he said the more angry he became Hit me! Purr Whoo whoo Lu Changdong like dead ash knelt on the ground with a "splash" drooping his head and no longer squeaking Liang An and Qi Miao looked at each other although the dirty thoughts of Lu Changdong are very isolated but the heart is clear that this matter is not easy to handle If you really take Liang Guifang back not to mention others it is estimated that Liang Liang will have to fall out with them Then look at Feng she is not a person in charge at all She just bows her head and cries "dutifully" Whatever you do and say it has nothing to do with her smart board interactive whiteboard Qi Miao thought for a moment went to the front reached out and pinched Liang Guifang and then said steadily Sister where are your things Let Auntie collect it and we'll go home now Liang Guifang received Qi Miao's signal and nodded heavily with a "hmm" This "um" immediately made Lu Changdong lose his sense of propriety Kneeling to the front of the Kang he grabbed Liang Guifang's skirt and said sincerely "Fang Fang you can't go Fang" Fang I was wrong I was really wrong I shouldn't have doubted you I really shouldn't have doubted you Fanger Lu Changdong is also an honest man although he has studied he is still different from those men who are eloquent and eloquent Qi Miao looked at him and did not speak Liang An did not speak

In the final analysis what the father and daughter can do is to cooperate with the performance The effect is good Liang Guifang will not be beaten in the future If the effect is not good there is no way Fang I swear this time in front of my third uncle and my mother If I smart board whiteboard ever "If I move one of your fingers I will be thunderstruck and dismembered" What Lu Changdong said was quite sincere But Qi Miao really didn't believe him She has watched too many TV dramas similar to domestic violence Such a person with distorted psychology which one does not admit his mistake to others after the fight and swear to heaven

Liang Guifang looked at the man in front of her shook her head with a sneer and said "Brother Dong the first time you hit me you said you would die if you hit me again" But you Don't you still live Boom When Liang Guifang finished saying this everyone in the room understood that he should not know how many times he had been beaten Feng had been whispering but now he was crying loudly How could she not be sad when her daughter interactive digital whiteboard who had been raised and cherished for seventeen years was beaten like this Lu Changdong looked at Liang Guifang with a dead face and said nothing more He stood up blankly and walked out in despair Liang An glanced at Qi Miao and motioned to her with his eyes "It's almost done" Then he got up and hurried to keep up afraid that something would really happen to Lu Changdong Liang Guifang was also a little worried looking at Qi Miao in fear not knowing what to say You Are you worried that something will happen to him or that you won't be able to explain yourself Qi Miao asked in a low voice When Liang Guifang heard this she sighed heavily and said "If he doesn't hit me he is really good to me" He gave me all the money he earned from teaching and he didn't keep any of it The implication is clear to everyone Qi Miao nodded sympathetically and before he could speak he heard the outhouse "Bang-"

The sound of metal falling to the ground The four women in the room heard the noise and hurried to the outer room You have the courage to beat your wife but you don't electronic board for classroom have the courage to live huh Liang An roared In the tone there is a little taste of hate iron does not become steel Qi Miao and others looked at everything in the outer house and Liang Guifang regardless of the pain in her body rushed to Lu Changdong and knelt beside him crying "Brother Dong Brother Dong whoo" What are you doing I don't want to leave you I really don't want to leave you whoo Whoo whoo Lu Changdong held the woman in his arms and the kitchen knife was not far from him Qi Miao looked at all this and immediately felt particularly worried If it wasn't Liang An just now I'm afraid it would be this scholar hsdsmartboard.com