The words have already chased behind her, reach out to pat to Ren Shuangcheng behind Ren Rongcheng. Seeing the palm has touched Ren Rongcheng, and Ren Shuangcheng people in the air, has been unable to turn around to meet the enemy, dark sigh: "My sister will die here today." Between this thousand even one hair, the side stretches out a hand, gently one belt, Han Dianfang that chases the life one palm belt askew. Ren Shuangcheng immediately turned over to protect Ren Rongcheng behind him, but heard an unexpected voice in the ear lightly rebuked: "Do not go quickly." As soon as Ren Shuangcheng was stunned, he had no time to think about it and carried Ren Rongcheng on his back to break through the siege. Han Dianfang was furious. When he fell to the ground, he looked at the man. At this time, the east was already white. The man was dressed in black and covered with a black scarf, showing only a pair of eyes with contradictions and pain. "Han Dianfang waved her hand, and the crowd gathered around her." Arrest her, "Han Dianfang shouted. The man let out a long roar, and the sword in his hand was flying. They all felt a light in their hands. When they looked down, the sword and gun in their hands were broken into several pieces. The man did not speak. He forced them back and then flew away. "Where to go?" Han Dianfang said angrily. Catch up closely. But that person's flying skill is very good, in a twinkling of an eye Han Dianfang has lost her trace. Ren Shuangcheng carried Ren Rongcheng on his back and fled to a cave. He put Ren Rongcheng down. When he looked, he saw that Ren Rongcheng's face was earthy, with more air out and less air in. He was about to lose his soul. He took out a pill from his bosom and stuffed it into her mouth, but Ren Rongcheng could hardly swallow it. Had to take out the pill and chew it up and put it in her mouth, then sat her down, put her hands against her back heart,wire mesh decking, and infused the internal force to help her disperse the medicine. In this way, it took more than half an hour. When she opened her eyes, she was relieved to see that although Ren Rongcheng was still in a coma, his face was much better. He calmed down and began to think about the man in black who helped him save his life. Although the sound of "go quickly" was very light, it still made her recognize a very familiar voice, but the voice should not appear in the world again, the owner of the voice had long been identified as having passed away, and was the ashes brought back by Ren Qingcheng herself. She did not know what had gone wrong,shuttle rack system, whether Third Sister had mistaken her for someone else or whether there was something in it, or whether she had misheard it. The heart is thinking, but still can not be relieved, the voice has been lingering in my mind, ringing over and over again. Did the third sister lie to everyone? But why? Ren Shuangcheng said to himself, unable to figure out the joints inside. A slight groan interrupted her deep thinking. She hurriedly looked at Ren Rongcheng and saw her frowning and murmuring in her mouth. Only then did she recognize that she was saying: "Water.." She got up and went outside the cave, not daring to go too far, so she had to collect some dew from the leaves and return it to her mouth. Ren Rongcheng opened his mouth, but the little water could not quench her thirst. Looking at the blisters on his sister's mouth, Ren Shuangcheng felt sad. Out of the hole, looked around, although there are no pursuers, but here is not far from the golden phoenix country, it is difficult to guarantee that the golden phoenix people do not chase to search. With a sigh, she did not expect that Ren Rongcheng would be hurt so badly, and now she had to find a safe place to put her down, cantilever racking system ,push back racking system, otherwise she was afraid that her injuries would be aggravated. Back to the cave, Ren Rongcheng back, listening to her unconscious moans, only a low voice to comfort: "Rongcheng, bear it, I take you out of here, until a safe place, sister will cure you." Leaving the mouth of the cave, he walked cautiously to the north, but not far away, he saw a man in front of him. Ren Shuangcheng stood still, just looking at the man in black, who also looked at her, for a long time, Ren Shuangcheng asked: "Who are you?"? Why help me? The man slowly took off his face towel, and although Ren Shuangcheng had doubts in his heart, he could not help crying out when he really saw the man who had been dead for three years standing in front of him. Ren Fangfei called out with difficulty, "Fourth Sister." Ren Shuangcheng repeatedly asked, "What's the matter? Who did Third Sister bring back?" Ren Fangfei said in a low voice, "We'll talk about these things later. Let's settle the Fifth Sister first." Ren Shuangcheng also knew that now was not the time for questioning, so he asked, "Do you have a safe place to go?" "The safest place now is Tianshui Pass," said Ren Fangfei. "Let's go to Tianshui Pass. ” Ren Shuangcheng also knew that the most dangerous place was also the safest place, but she could not sneak into Tianshui Pass with Ren Rongcheng. "Come with me," said Ren Fangfei. With Ren Shuangcheng, came to a small valley, let Ren Shuangcheng surprise is that there is a stream, regardless of other, first put down Ren Rongcheng, give her a drink of water, he drank a full. Ren Fangfei took out the dry food and handed it to her. Then she took out a pill from the parcel and said to Ren Shuangcheng, "Fourth Sister, give this medicine to Fifth Sister." Ren Shuangcheng took the dry food with one hand and the pills with the other. After smelling them, she was shocked by the cool air that penetrated her heart. She was overjoyed and asked, "Where did this come from?" "It was given by my master," said Ren Fangfei. Ren Shuangcheng had no time to ask, hurriedly sent into the mouth of Ren Rongcheng, some conscious Ren Rongcheng with pills, Ren Shuangcheng gave her a drink of water to send the medicine down, and then help her dissolve the pills. When everything was ready, Ren Shuangcheng looked up and down at his brother, who had been dead for three years. Still so dazzling appearance, but more mature than before, bright star eyes covered in the long eyelids, faintly revealing a trace of elusive light. Brother Six, where have you been in the past three years? Why did Third Sister bring back a handful of ashes and say they were yours? What's going on in here? Ren Shuangcheng still asked, she did not understand, the third sister such a smart and capable person how to bring back a handful of fake ashes, to know that this is the capital crime of deceiving the king, although the family has decided to retire, but will not let the third sister do such a confused thing. Ren Fangfei lowered her eyes and said,industrial racking systems, "Fourth Sister, this place is not hidden. We'd better leave quickly. I'll tell my sister in detail when we get to Tianshui Pass." Ren Shuangcheng knew that he was right, so he had to endure a lot of doubts and still carried Ren Rongcheng on his back and followed Ren Fangfei from the path to the vicinity of Tianshuiguan.