As far as Huayun himself knows, the Dwarf Rocky Mountains are located in the northernmost part of the continent, not far from the Caesar Empire and the Aolai Empire, in the west of the Sith Kingdom, but now Banda is leading himself to the east, which makes Huayun's heart full of doubts. Master Hua Yun, when we came, we put some things in a small town in front of us. We have to go to the town to get those things first, and then go to the clan. After seeing the doubts on the faces of Hua Yun and others, Banda immediately explained to Hua Yun. So, Hua Yun nodded slightly in his heart, but once again there was a trace of doubt in his heart about why Banda wanted to store things in a small town in the east of the province instead of Montreal. As a fortress, Montreal is not only used to prevent the invasion of orcs, but also to resist the attack of Warcraft from the Demon Mountains, so it is already located in the easternmost part of Costa Province, and there are only some mercenary towns in the eastern part of Montreal. Because Banda specially asked Huayun not to take a carriage before the trip, so at the moment several people were all walking on the path, with Huayun and Roddy's strength, the speed would not be slow, but Banda several people walked with a red face,Wall Penstocks, wheezing in their mouths, they could not imagine that Huayun looked so weak that his body actually contained such a powerful force. Looking at Hua Yun's eyes also became more respectful. After half a day's journey, Huayun and others finally arrived at a small town in front of them, stopped easily, and Huayun exhaled slightly from his mouth. True Qi, which had been slowly circulating in the body, gradually became gentle,Mechanical fine screen, and Anya and Roddy, who had reached the holy rank, gently floated to Huayun's side without a trace of sweat on their faces. Ah, it's just ahead! Banda and the two dwarves around him wiped the sweat from their foreheads with their sleeves and took Huayun to a hotel in the mercenary town. Aru. Nothing happened these two days, did it? Walking into the hotel, Banda opened the door of a room directly and shouted to the inside. Lord Banda, you are back! Seeing Banda at the door, a voice of surprise immediately appeared inside. Hua Yun followed the sound and saw a dwarf standing in the same room, but it seemed that he was younger than Banda. Aru. This is Master Huayun! Banda introduced Huayun behind him to Aru. After they said hello, Banda immediately asked Aru, "Nothing has happened in these days when we are not here, right?" "Yes, Lord Banda, things are fine. Are we going back now?" Banda nodded his head. After Aru tidied up the things in the room, Lamella Plate Settler ,lamella tube, he immediately went to the counter of the hotel and checked out, then walked out of the town. Although Hua Yun had doubts, he did not say anything. They followed Aru until they came to a forest several miles from the town. Uh After coming to the woods, Hua Yun and Anya and Roddy frowned slightly, and with their keen sense, they could feel that there seemed to be a huge thing in the woods. Aru came to the woods. He took out something similar to an instrument in his hand, and after playing with it a few times, a slight wave of magic suddenly came from the woods. Immediately, a huge object slowly appeared in front of Hua Yun. This is Looking at what appeared in front of him, Roddy's face immediately took on a look of surprise: "Is this a Zeppelin?" Led Zeppelin is an aerial transport tool develope by that goblins in ancient time. Although the dwarves are very talented in forging, which is the first in the mainland, in ancient times, the dwarves are far inferior to the goblins who are more proficient in manufacturing weapons. When the goblins were at their peak, they had a brilliant civilization. Led Zeppelin, Magic Crystal Cannon, Siege Crossbow and Magic Mechanical Puppet, the four most outstanding works of the goblins at their peak, once had a terrible impact on the mainland. However, as the goblins gradually fade out of the historical stage of the mainland, these four weapons have gradually disappeared on the mainland. In addition to the magic crystal cannons and siege crossbows, there are still some imitations of later generations in some fortress cities of the four empires on the mainland. Magic mechanical puppets and Zeppelin airships have not appeared on the mainland for tens of thousands of years, and now we can see them here. Boat, Roddy's heart was shocked, his heart was very natural to understand the importance of this tool in the war. Mr. Roddy, this is not a real Zeppelin. This is what we Dwarves have developed from a Zeppelin. It's a lot less than a real one. After looking at the airship in front of him and listening to what Banda said, Huayun and others realized why Banda told them not to take a carriage when they left Montreal. With such an airship, the carriage was a slag. Under the leadership of Aru, Huayun several people walked into the airship, and Huayun's imagination is different, the airship's console is not located in the head of the airship, but in the middle of the position, and in the head of the airboat, is loaded with some self-defense weapons, and in the back is a large space for placing goods, now, in these spaces. But it was transformed into a rather luxurious hall. And this console is also very strange, Hua Yun took a special look, engraved with some strange symbols he simply can not understand, according to Aru said, this airship is mainly used in the wind magic array, the use of the drive is also contains a lot of magic crystal, whether in structure, or in principle, and Hua Yun's previous aircraft is not similar. Under the control of Aru, the airship slowly rose into the air,Belt Filter Press, until it rose into the clouds, the airship stopped and continued to lift off, and quickly headed for the location of the Rocky Mountains.