"Hello, hello!"! You Xingyi should treat me like this, you will regret it! Bei Mi Li said and took out her cell phone, intending to take pictures of her tragic situation and ask her millions of fans for help! "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's my fault, I apologize." Mi Li saw that things had become more and more irremediable, and her heart was more flustered. After all, she is a party to this matter. The little girl who has just entered the society has a simple mind, and does not want to let others be blamed, nor does she want to ruin the company's reputation. Luo Qingchen squinted and motioned her not to speak. Apologize! Apologize! I tell you, with my status in the entertainment circle, you are not qualified to shine my shoes! Bei Chunni snorted coldly, "You two, we'll see you in the headlines!" Chapter 810 Gold Owner BOSS: Movie Queen's Ex-Wife Cute (11) One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! "Oh?" Luo Qingchen turned off the recording button of his cell phone and took it out of his pocket. "Are you sure?" He said with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Bei Chunni looked at her with disdain and said, "Do you still want to send Weibo? Do you have popularity?"? Do people like you have fans? Oh! No, you only deserve to be fans of others, just like the fawning dogs who follow me all day long! "Tut, tut, tut, I really regret not recording this sentence.". Show your fans what they are in your eyes. "You recorded it?" The next second,Carbon in Pulp, Bei Chunni's face suddenly turned white, she obviously did not expect Luo Qingchen to play the recording routine. Although she can refuse to admit it, it will obviously affect her image. But This kind of garbage in the workplace really has such a high IQ to record. I really don't believe it! "Uh-huh?" Luo Qingchen took a breath and said, "Of course, you can continue to tweet." So what if you recorded it? It takes two to tango. You think you can get away with this? Bei Chunni's voice obviously dropped, and she was a little weak. But being bullied so miserably, in this case, she can not shrink back! "Who said I was going to get away with it?" As soon as Luo Qingchen's cold eyes converged,manganese beneficiation plant, the corners of his mouth outlined a terrible smile: "I am never afraid of losing my reputation!" She is a small clerk, and has not yet entered the entertainment industry, the impact of this kind of thing will far outweigh her. Bei Chunni will always be the target of public criticism, not her. You, you, you, "Bei Chunni heard the words, his face was black and red, and his heart was about to stop breathing.". But she had no choice but to swallow the breath alive. Goodbye, no. Luo Qingchen raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Of course, you can also choose to leave your shoes and take them away." "Ah," the next second, Bei Chunni roared, very angry to step on the high-heeled shoes to leave the star art. Today's humiliation, tin beneficiation plant ,portable gold wash plant, in the future she must let them pay back ten times! After Bei Chunni left, the people around him cheered in an instant, as if they had fought a beautiful battle! A boy with eyes came over and said, "You are really my goddess. You were so handsome just now!"! You don't know this Bei Chunni, Xingyi wanted to sign a contract with her before, and her price was so high! General Manager He said that this kind of resource is a waste of money, so we didn't sign a contract with her! "Sign a wool," another girl echoed: "If our company has one more artist like her to serve, it is estimated that it is not Mi Li who will pack up and leave, but me!" "But the words pour dust is really good, even in advance of the recording!" "Huh?" Luo Qingchen shrugged his shoulders and said, "This recording is really nonsense!" Luo Qingchen said: "At the moment, all she can think about is how to attack Bei Chunni. How can she take care of the recording?"! If there was a recording, she would have let her go to Weibo to cry, when the time comes to turn her into an army, wouldn't it be more interesting! "Tut, tut, tut," said the little brother wearing glasses with a face of disbelief: "I go, Qingchen is the real acting school, completely can not see that you are not recording!" "La la la," she chuckled, pursing her lips. "Life is like a play. It all depends on acting." Ding's likability is increased by ten, and the task completion rate is twenty percent. Eh? Is the man nearby? Chapter 811 Gold Owner BOSS: Movie Queen's Ex-Wife Cute (12) One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! "But our star art seems to have been messed up by us recently, even if we lost the sugar, now even the female number one of ten years has been lost," said Mi Li with some guilt, and his eyes were depressed. " Please, let Bei Chunni play the heroine of the book written by my male God! Luo Qingchen took a deep breath and shook his head: "I can't accept it!" On the one hand, she was influenced by the original owner, on the other hand, the novel always appeared in her mind from time to time. It is indeed a good book worth reading deeply, both in terms of characterization and plot, it is a very high grade higher than Su Sugar. Then who do you think is suitable to play the heroine? "I think Gu Tian is good, and so is Xiao Luo!" Where is Shanshan? How about Shanshan? "I think she plays a vicious woman with a good memory!" Yes, yes, yes! I saw it, too! But I feel that she can't play the pure feeling of a youth film. One of them turned to look at Luo Qingchen and asked, "Group leader Qingchen, who do you think is more suitable to play the role of Fengcheng for ten years?" "Me!" As soon as Luo Qingchen's eyes brightened, he had better raise a sweet smile! "Huh?" Instantly, an inexplicable look at her at the same time, followed by a smile. Ha ha ha! You must be kidding! "It must be a joke!"! Qingchen is teasing you! That's because we usually deal with so many people in the entertainment circle, and it's terrible to think about it! "That is to say!"! If you want to be a woman, you can either sleep with the director, the assistant director or the screenwriter. Hearing this, Luo Qingchen chuckled,sodium cyanide price, recalling the original owner's yearning for the male God Zhexue, he could not help saying: "If it is a scriptwriter for ten years, you can consider it!" "What?" 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com