Original title: Wear masks to prevent diseases. Learn about several types of disposable medical masks. Nowadays, disposable medical masks have become a widely used type because of their light, easy to wear and easy to buy, and many people choose this kind of mask for daily protection. Disposable medical masks shall cover the mouth, nose and mandible of the user to prevent the exhalation or inhalation of pollutants from the mouth and nose. According to the requirements of Disposable Medical Masks YY/T0969-2013, the bacterial filtration efficiency of disposable medical masks shall not be less than 95%. Disposable medical masks can filter viral aerosols and harmful dust, and protect the wearer and the patient from droplet transmission through sneezing, talking and the air. Disposable medical masks block particles above PM4, but they can not protect smaller particles,Medical Disposable Coverall, so they are not suitable for wearing in heavily polluted weather. Non-woven fabrics are the most common type of disposable medical masks, with more than three layers, to isolate bacteria and dust, and disposable,Medical Full Body Coverall, safe and reliable, without the risk of secondary infection. Here, Xiaobian reminds users not to hoard masks, but to buy and use them immediately, because masks will breed bacteria for a long time. What are the types of disposable medical masks? Primeton folding N95 mask Expand the full text Four layers of N95 dust mask, high efficiency and low resistance, effectively filter solid particles and dust, 3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask ,Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, with breathing valve to make breathing more smoothly. It is suitable for various high-dust industries and outdoor anti-haze use. Primeton 3-layer mask-3-layer dust mask with ear loop Soft hand feeling, odorless, tasteless, smooth, no damage, strong adsorption, good sealing, blocking the spread of droplets, dust or invasion of the human body, easy to take and wear. For medical, school, public transport and ordinary family protection use, used to prevent viruses, droplets, dust invasion of human body and spread. Primeton Bear Printed Folding Mask for Infant BFE99%, three-layer infant folding mask, green bear printing, lovely and beautiful pattern, exquisite packaging. For medical, school, bus and ordinary family protection use, suitable for 1-5 years old infants. Primeton is a manufacturer of medical consumables, with more than 20 years of professional experience and many experienced technicians,Medical Full Body Coverall, specializing in the design and production of masks, protective masks, surgical gowns and surgical kits. Such an experienced technical team is worthy of your trust. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com