"General Tian too optimistic" Danger always comes when you are tired! A sweet voice came into the ears of three people Looking back I do not know when yuan Baoer has stood behind three people She was still radiant and beautiful The stunning beauty in the world is really different from the ordinary beauty Her face was still as pink as a flower and with the eyesight of Xiao Yu Ling Yun and Tian Dang she could not tell whether it was a natural beauty or an artificial combination of pollen and Rouge "The night is passing" said Xiao Yu "and the sky is at dawn Does the imperial concubine mean that the enemy will attack at dawn "No it's the truth" yuan Baoer said "The three of you should listen attentively It's time to order the deployment and prepare to meet the enemy" Tian Dang Xiao Yu and Ling Yun were already listening attentively because they had never heard a strange sound Xiao Yu questioned the imperial concubine This time what yuan Baoer said was very positive and the three of them had to listen attentively Sure enough I heard a wisp of soft music floating in the distance It's the sound of the flute! "The sound seems to be getting stronger" said Tian Dang "Yes it's Inflatable indoor park the sound of Yu Xiao" yuan Baoer said "It may be a large-scale attack this time but I wonder if General Yuwen also heard it" Ling Yun said "President Yuwen's martial arts are much better than ours He should have been alert long ago" "I hope I can keep the enemy out of the palace wall" yuan Baoer said "If they were killed in the palace these beautiful women would have to go through a catastrophe After a killing it's hard to imagine how many of them would survive" Xiao Yu was taken aback and said "The imperial concubine is really not sure that she can protect their safety" yuan Baoer said slowly "I"

I can't guarantee "The imperial concubine the national teacher seems to be full of confidence in yuan Guifei" Xiao Yu said "The national teacher speaks like a mountain and we all admire him very much" The responsibility for the success or failure of the defense of the inner palace was put on yuan Baoer's head and yuan Baoer was forced into it yuan Baoer's heart was filled with grief and anger and he wanted to stand by and let the palace wall be splashed with blood in the palace garden When it was too late he would clean up the mess as long as he could explain to yuan Ziyan But Xiao Yu dragged her to the front to stand as the first pass in the palace yuan Baoer frowned and said "Why can't I remember" In terms of Jianghu experience no matter how smart yuan Baoer was he could not defeat Xiao Yu As soon as he heard the answer he knew that yuan Baoer had no intention of protecting the inner palace with all his strength Knowing this in his heart he immediately answered "That's absolutely right yuan Guoshi entrusted the imperial concubine and the imperial concubine also shouldered the responsibility He asked the national teacher to retreat from the enemy with peace of mind We were ordered by President Yuwen to enter the palace We were only the assistant of the imperial Concubine We obeyed all orders went through fire and water and would not refuse to die" "In that case we will retreat with all our strength" "Go and tell General Yuwen to be careful of the poisonous bees" said yuan Baoer Xiao Yu answered and flew away It should be Tian Dang or Ling Yun but Xiao Yu rushed to go first It turned out that he was going to reply to Ning Wen in Chengdu inflatable floating water park This is two people have long discussed the stratagem want Xiao Yu to use yuan Ziyan's momentum trap yuan Baoer want her to shoulder the responsibility of defending the palace Yuwen Chengdu worried about yuan Baoer Yu Hen let go not to mention the important moment to strike back Because yuan Ziyan prompted yuan Baoer's skill several times Yuwen Chengdu was so impressed that he dared not despise it a little Xiao Yu came back quickly But also brought Yuwen Chengdu yuan Baoer had ordered Cai'e a palace maid lying on the ground to be woken up As soon as she heard that there was a poison attack all the sleepyheads were scared away She quickly picked up the guy dressed up and made up again Most of them wash away the remaining powder and restore my true face They were outstanding beauties from all over the world young and beautiful but they did not match the gorgeous clothes and looked a little strange

It's much better than the color of residual fat and powder which is much better Yuwen Chengdu was very respectful He bowed to yuan Baoer with a long bow and was about to kneel down with his robe lifted He was ready to pay homage with a big ceremony yuan Baoer said "General you can't do that I can't afford to pay homage with a big ceremony" Is there any news of Sister Ziyan resisting the enemy "No!" Yuwen Chengdu said "But Tanma reported that there was no news of the enemy's advance to Chang'an"

Want to be blocked by the national teacher there alas! It's hard to imagine The national teacher only brought two assistants Lian'er and Qiao'er to resist tens of thousands of enemy troops They are a group of elite troops Some of them are skilled enough to be a martial Inflatable outdoor park arts master I'm thinking hard and hoping to transfer a group of troops to help them "No need!" yuan Baoer said "If Sister Ziyan doesn't have the ability to retreat tens of thousands of strong enemies alone she will never plead for battle" Yuwen Chengdu beat the snake with a stick and said "The imperial concubine is full of confidence in the national teacher and the national teacher is also very promising to the imperial concubine She told Chengdu to do everything according to the orders of the imperial concubines" Another crushing high hat was buckled down How can yuan Baoer resist With a wry smile she said "How many men has the general gathered to defend the court" Yuwen Chengdu said "The number of people is not small more than a thousand but only one tenth of them are really listed as masters"

"Where are your ten deputy commanders" "They are all heroes in the world" said yuan Baoer Yuwen Chengdu said "Tian Dang Ling Yun and Xiao Yu the ten deputy commanders who can be regarded as first-class masters are obeying orders at the side of the imperial concubine" In addition Chengdu is stationed outside the palace wall Our plan is to fight a bloody battle outside the palace wall They are not allowed to rush into the palace to obstruct the holy driving "Very good" said yuan Baoer! The emperor has high hopes for you and you are loyal and devoted to protecting the country If you know each inflatable amusement park other and promise each other it will be a story through the ages "Chengdu has more than enough heart but not enough fear" They pass through the gap with the poison peak the ability to block is very small not to mention the first time and such a poison against no battle array experience can not sit back and watch the warriors die under the poisonous bees let them each rely on their wit to avoid the enemy's chance to take advantage of the void is greatly increased yuan Baoer understood a little But she pretended not to know and said "What the general means is" "Which swordsmen rushed into the palace under the guidance of poisonous bees It is inevitable to disturb the holy driver Chengdu is incompetent These have to be dealt with by the imperial concubine" Said for a long time is to put the responsibility of defending the palace in the hands of yuan Baoer joyshineinflatables.com