Yes there must be a brave man under the heavy reward After listening to the soldiers below more or less began to move the heart and courage slowly forced up Moreover at this time the chaos outside also tended to end large groups of soldiers began to enter the hall and the Emperor of the Hofu Empire was slowly scattered under the protection of all The odds are stacked against me Are you afraid The poor way directly ignored the soldiers near but asked Ouyang Ruolan with a smile Don't wear this outfit! Ouyang Ruolan gave me a white look and said with a smile "It's your specialty to mix pigs and eat tigers But it's okay for you to deceive others but it's not okay for you to come to me I've already seen that you have a well-thought-out plan You're just playing with them aren't you" "Oh those who know me Ruo Lan" I'd be happier if you knew how I was going to get away! Said the poor way with a smile Why is it so difficult I heard that as soon as you appeared last month you made an earth-shaking gesture Not only did it destroy a historic cathedral but it also went up against a seraph Ouyang Ruolan said with a smile "My men reported that you got a giant octopus as a pet" If I'm not mistaken x52 line pipe that guy must be hiding in the sea behind us right

"Haha you really deserve to be a wise orchid heart Everything has been guessed right The sea monster can start!" The poor way praised with admiration and at the same time issued an order to attack With the order of the poor way the sea monster Papanio who was hiding in the sea couldn't wait to start He is actually in the sea behind the hall only a hundred meters away from us his claws are three hundred meters long gently stretch to reach here although the sea outside is very shallow simply can not let him hide but as a high-level Warcraft in the water system how can Papanio not even such a low-level magic as invisibility After he used magic to hide his huge body temporarily although there were a lot of people here and many senior mages unfortunately no one could be stronger than Papanio so no one was aware of his existence It was not until he obeyed my command and lifted the roof of the hall with one claw that people were shocked to see that such a terrible big thing was hidden so close to them! Under Papanio's giant tentacles the roof of the hall was so vulnerable that it was thrown aside Many people were killed and injured by falling stones and beams The people in the hall were once again in a state of panic and the way the sea monster brandished eight giant tentacles to show off its power was really terrible This guy's resilience is strong just more than a month's absence the broken tentacles are all grown faster than the gecko's tail In this panic 316 stainless steel plate even the cardinal of the Holy See could not stay The appearance of the sea monster made him feel that his original safe place suddenly became dangerous as if he had suddenly become naked and the hundreds of Vatican masters around him could not give him even a little sense of security Such a dangerous place is not what a noble man like him wants to stay in So he immediately ordered his men to cover his retreat and the Emperor of the Hof Empire over there was doing the same thing

As he retreated Cardinal Kabak began to regret what he had just done He was too impulsive Impulse is the devil! He knew there was such a thing but he never saw the sea monster He thought the sea monster was not around me otherwise he would not jump out and challenge me Now he only hopes that I can ignore his existence and let him slip away secretly Unfortunately the poor way is doomed to disappoint him I was teasing Ouyang Ruolan on the surface but in the dark to the sea monster into the order of Mei command him to leave all the people of the Holy See and the Hofu Empire However the treatment of the two waves of people is completely different As soon as the group of the Emperor of the Hofu Empire had retreated a few steps a huge tentacle fell from the sky and hit the group directly on their retreat The tentacles of the sea monster are very powerful even the tips of his tentacles are more than one meter in diameter which hit the ground and directly caused a small-scale earthquake knocking down several people in the Hofu Empire

Looking at the constant flapping tentacles in front of him even an idiot understands the meaning of the sea monster so who dares to walk Several bodyguards still wanted to rush over but they were all killed by the tentacles The others immediately gave up the idea of breaking in Then look at the experience of a group of people next to the Vatican they immediately completely lost the courage to resist hurriedly with the most harmless gesture to show their innocence honest to stay there As for the Vatican gang there was no need for the sea monster to use tentacles to physically attack and the pieces of ice prisms falling from the sky were enough for them to drink a pot Each of these ice pillars was thigh thick several meters long as dense as a snowstorm and under the precise control of the sea monster they 316ti stainless steel only hit the area where the Vatican was It didn't affect anyone else Although hundreds of people in the Vatican are masters they also opened the magic wall at the same time but unfortunately they were blasted into slag by the merciless magic at the first time This is because their opponents are too strong there is a huge gap between the two sides of the grade the sea monster is several times stronger than the magic of Gaizi after all it is an old monster who has been practicing for thousands of years

Where can those few people in the Holy See compete So this level of magic wall is not enough to see just like a piece of paper a poke will break Everyone except Cardinal Kabarko was smashed to a pulp and could not die any more As for Cardinal Kabarko under the deliberate waterproofing of the sea monster he survived or was not injured at all Cardinal Kabak stood alone around a pile of dead bodies watching his companions being easily killed by the powerful spell just now so frightened that he shivered all over and peed his pants However the sea monster does not dislike him dirty he according to my command directly with the most gentle action he gently rolled up sent to the Hofu Empire in front of a group of people